What does it take to become an Astronaut?

Cosmodrome Belgium

Now Showing @ Cosmodrome, Genk


Cosmodrome Belgium


Cosmodrome, located in Genk, Belgium is now showing ASTRONAUT [2D]. The Cosmodrome, welcomes it’s visitors into space and beyond; after all, Cosmodrome literally means “Road to the Cosmos”. Cosmodrome is a gateway to a beautiful national park; a doorway linking the macro and micro cosmos together.

No matter which country he’s in, Chad, our test astronaut helps to demonstrate the risks of being an astronaut…


Poor Chad… But if it’s any consolation, the children love you!

– Robrecht Lenaerts, Cosmodrome, Genk



The show will be available in multiple languages at this location.


Take a look here to find out where the planetarium is as well as what exciting exhibitions they have.

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