What does it take to become an Astronaut?


  • Narrated by Ewan McGregor
  • Duration 23 minutes
  • Public and schools audience
  • Suitable 5+ years
  • Fulldome 4k 3D and 2D
  • 5.1 Surround sound
  • Available Languages: English, French, Arabic (Please request other languages)

The exploration of space is the greatest endeavour that humankind has ever undertaken. What does it take to be part of this incredible journey? What does it take to become an astronaut?

Experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut. Explore the amazing worlds of inner and outer space, from floating around the International Space Station to manoeuvring through microscopic regions of the human body.

Discover the perils that lurk in space as we subject ‘Chad’, our test astronaut, to everything that space has to throw at him.

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