What does it take to become an Astronaut?

SN Sud O C Blue

Now Showing @ Science North, Ontario


Science North [Science Nord], located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada is now showing ASTRONAUT [2D]. Science North is Northern Ontario’s most popular tourist attraction and an educational resource for children and adults across the province. Science North maintains the second, and seventh largest science centres in Canada: Science North, featuring an IMAX┬« theatre, digital Planetarium, butterfly gallery and Special Exhibits Hall, and Dynamic Earth – Home of the Big Nickel, an Earth sciences centre.

We’re hosting an exhibit called Living in Space from the Canadian Space Agency. Astronaut is the perfect show to add to the package as it explores many external and internal adaptations humans have to make when travelling to space. There are also many elements of the show that align with our provincial curriculum. Our visitors are very happy with the show thus far.

– Bryen McGuire, Science North, Ontario


The show will be available in multiple languages at this location.

If you’ve seen ASTRONAUT at Science North then please get in touch to tell us what you thought of the show.

Take a look here to find out where the planetarium is as well as what exciting exhibitions they have.

Cosmodrome Belgium

Now Showing @ Cosmodrome, Genk


Cosmodrome Belgium


Cosmodrome, located in Genk, Belgium is now showing ASTRONAUT [2D]. The Cosmodrome, welcomes it’s visitors into space and beyond; after all, Cosmodrome literally means “Road to the Cosmos”. Cosmodrome is a gateway to a beautiful national park; a doorway linking the macro and micro cosmos together.

No matter which country he’s in, Chad, our test astronaut helps to demonstrate the risks of being an astronaut…


Poor Chad… But if it’s any consolation, the children love you!

– Robrecht Lenaerts, Cosmodrome, Genk



The show will be available in multiple languages at this location.


Take a look here to find out where the planetarium is as well as what exciting exhibitions they have.

A3D Otolith 01 4k LR Wiggle

Otolith Wiggle-gram


Here’s a wiggle-gram of the Otolith shot:

A wiggle-gram is an animated computer image which gives the perception of 3D without using glasses. The image above is rapidly switching between the left and right channels of one fulldome frame from the Otolith shot and gives an idea of how the shot will look in 3D. You can see here how the Otoliths are floating out of the screen and the cellular surface is pushed back away from the screen. When viewed in the dome the immersion is heightened dramatically as the Otoliths sway just above us and the hairs reach in towards us from beyond the surface of the dome surface.

A3D Centrifuge 01 1k L

Hi Resolution Stills in Fulldome 3D


New high-resolution renders!

As well as re-working the whole show in 3D, we've updated all of the assets in the show with more detail, higher resolutions and a whole new creative approach to the lighting and effects to create a brand new experience in 2D as well as 3D! Check out the selection of images below to see what we're so excited about. To experience the immensity of detail in these shots, we recommend downloading the 4k stills and taking a look in your dome. Get Immersed!

(Tip, click the images in the gallery below to view in a full-screen lightbox)


And now for some 3D!

If you don't have a stereoscopic dome but would like to get an idea of how these shots work in Fulldome 3D, download our high resolution anaglyph stills and use a standard pair of red/cyan glasses to view. These images are best viewed in the dome to get the correct stereoscopic experience but take a look at the stills below to get a good idea of what to expect. Below this gallery are the download links for the high resolution images.


Download Packages

Download this selection of stills at 4k resolution to view on your computer or in the dome. We've made some alternative packages so you can choose the ones that you require without waiting. Read the following descriptions to find out what each package includes.

Click on the button below to download at 4k hi-resolution. This package includes the left and right frames to view in Fulldome 2D or 3D.

Download 4k Stills for 2D and 3D Domes

Click on the button below to download in anaglyph at 4k hi-resolution. These images are best viewed on a standard monitor using a virtual dome application to view them in a Fulldome environment and require a a pair of standard anaglyph glasses.

Download 4k Anaglyph Stills

Most domes have very low luminance levels in comparison to monitors and the red gel of standard anaglyph glasses can drastically reduce the visibility of the red part of the image, which is essential to see these images in 3D. If you wish to view these anaglyphs on your dome we recommend downloading the following set of red boosted anaglyphs.

Download 4k Red Boosted Anaglyph Stills

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